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Two full-length CD's are currently available from The Uptown Band including Heart, Soul, Body, & Mind and Waiting for Her.

Our CD's can be purchased by the following ways:

1. Buy now below for $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping & handling (Major credit cards accepted).

2. The full-length albums are available via digital download on iTunes for $9.99 or each song can be purchased for $.99.
It is also available for digital download on Amazon.com and many other online sites.

3. At any live show.



1. sj3
2. heart, soul, body, & mind
3. born to make you mad
4. saving all my love for you
5. close to you
6. i can breathe
7. that old black magic
8. the conversation
9. silence
10. sometimes i think too much
11. this moment
12. the good life

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1. you treated me good
2. i'm breathless
3. waiting for her
4. hey there lonely girl
5. come back to me
6. that's all
7. way too good for you
8. since i don't have you
9. as we lay
10. fall down
11. i can't get started
12. anthem

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 Buy Waiting for Her on Amazon!!!

Heart, Soul, Body, & Mind Album Details and Instrumentation

The Uptown Band's sophomore release includes Special Guests Will Lee on Bass from The Late Show with David Letterman's CBS Orchestra, Greg Adams on Flugelhorn from Tower of Power, Doc Gibbs on Percussion and Cliff Starkey on Piano from The Food Network's Emeril Live House Band, and the CD's Producer Bennie Sims on Bass, Piano, and Drums from The Three Degrees. Other featured artists include Brian Mishler on Cello, Drew Love on Percussion, and Dave Depalma on Saxophone. The band's first radio release SJ3 charted as high as #9 Nationally on the Groove Jazz Music Radio Chart and #55 on the Radiowave Contemporary Jazz Chart.

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Recorded at Boom Camp Studios and Spyro's Modern Music
Engineered, Produced, and Mastered by Bennie Sims
Executive Producer - Erich Cawalla
Production Assistant - Jenifer Kinder
Mixed by Bennie Sims, Erich Cawalla, & Curtis Harmon
CD Artwork designed by Tiffany Whipple at Skyfall Media

Waiting for Her
Album Details and Instrumentation

The Uptown Band's debut release includes Special Guests Curtis Harmon on Drums, the CD's Producer Marty Mellinger on Piano, Chris Schwartz on Guitar, and Dave Depalma on Saxophone. The CD's title track Waiting for Her climbed as high as Chartbound status on the Billboard Smooth Jazz charts and received heavy airplay on the Music Choice national TV radio station.

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Recorded at Schoolhouse Productions
Engineered & Produced by Marty Mellinger
Executive Producer - Erich Cawalla
Production Assistants - Jenifer Kinder & Bennie Sims
Mixed by Marty Mellinger, Erich Cawalla, & Bennie Sims
Mastered by Bennie Sims
CD Artwork designed by Donna Moscoe/crzegurlDesign
Artist photos by Dewey Wahl

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